October 2002 - The adventure begins

First ride

The bible

Backup lights

Don't do this

Paint day #1

Painted (first time)

Snow bound



Westernized door

October 2004 - Time for a fresh coat of paint and some bodywork

11:12 am

11:13 am

1:53 pm

1:54 pm

1:55 pm

2:23 pm

4:38 pm

4:39 pm

4:41 pm

6:14 pm

6:16 pm

6:17 pm



November 2004 - Refreshing two year old rubberized undercarriage rustproofing

I didn't get under the car last year to refresh the rustproofing that I sprayed on in 2002. Nonetheless, most of the undercoating was in very good shape. The rustproofing was starting to lift up, sheet-like, at the edges where pieces meet. This can be seen in the photo of the support under the front of the seats. This was true all along the car where the rocker panel support meets up with the half-inch drop-edge of the side of the car. It seems like in these places, there is uneven flex that cracks the membrane. I covered over all of this with roofing tar using a 1" paint brush. Next year, I'll do this in July when the stuff won't get frozen up on my brush. Other than that, there were half a dozen coin sized blisters and rusty spots. I'm very happy with how well this treatment has held up and I think that I can take this car through another five winters if nothing else kills it first.

Rear passenger floor

Support under passenger seat

Looking across to driver side

Rear undercarriage