I bought my Lada from my cousin who had got it from his dad. They drove it to go to work in the woods, went in all kinds of dirt roads and when they figured they could't use it anymore, they junked it. It was put behind a garage to send it to the crushing machine. But my husband took a look at it and he figured he could get it going. So I gave him $100. and it was mine. It was the first car I ever bought. We got it towed home and he got new parts and did a motor job. We used it a lot. I used it one summer to go to work and the next summer my husband and son used it all summer to go to work in the woods, dirt roads and all. It was a tough little car. Then my son decided to buy one too. Mine was orange, his was grey. We made quite a pair with our old cars. He used it a lot but one day he drove up town and this old man crossed in front of him and he hit him, demolishing his car so that ended his Lada driving. I still had mine and drove it for a while. All and all it kept us going with wheels for a while.

Beatrice, Cheticamp, N.S.