Check out Bernie's Samara bought for $500.00 (NZ) $650.00 (US) bought with about 70k on the clock runs really well. Tidy both inside and out.

I currently own a Samara before this I had a 2104 waggon. Both are good cars in my view. However now that I have owned a Samara I would rather not go back to a 2104/5. Compared to the Samara they are heavy in the steering old fashion design in the motors, the 5 speed gearboxs are prone to wearing out and being noisy due to the position of 5th gear on the top which lacks oil getting there if oil is low or on hill work.

The Samaras are a faster car not that speed is an issue for me our open road speed limit is 100km.

My wife put diesel in the fuel tank! Has anyone else had this done to them? I drained most of the fuel tank 40+ liters down the drain. Any ideas on a damage report should diesel damage the motor apart from smoke from exhaust. (5 days on and several fuel fills after draining the tank and the Samara is back to it's old self.)

Bernie Szymanski, Christchurch, New Zealand