When I saw this car for the first time, I thought it is not worth more than 200 euro. Previous owner left it in the village by his parents. Car stand under an eaves and some chicken, cats and turkeys jumped over it and played. My father (who is a car painter) looked it around and said to me, floor and other metal surfaces are good (except rear left mud guard and nothing else), but painting is iremissible. The motor was rusty, but had a power in it. After short drive (we identified a good acceleration) and routine check, we decided to buy it.

During a 'discussion' price descented from 700, to 600, than 500 and finally 450 euro.

Last registration expired in 2000. Later, previous owner used this car to drive through the places where the police doesn't come. (It is easy to imagine those jungles).

My father painted this car (2K color), and mechanician performed a serious control. Changed timing belt, all brake hoses, disk plates, hinges on front wheels, oil, oil filter, rubber holders... Later we added propane feed system, Michelin tires and so on... It came now on 1500 euro...

When my girlfriend saw this car in previous shape, she almost started crying. "Me - never in garbage like this!" My father and me exchanged 'significant' glances where was written: "Poor women, she can not even imagine what is the power of painting skills..."

Darko Milicevic, Jagodina, Serbia