Lada Samara 1100E, 1991
* 3-door hatch
* 5 speed gearbox
* 39138 miles

Good runner, very reliable and economical. Loads of room in the back, especially if used as a van. I've had it for 4 years, and have done loads of work on it -- very easy to work on, and spares are quite easily obtainable and cheap. I've got a few bits and bobs I'll put in the boot, plus the Haynes manual, and maybe a pair of roofbars.

Unfortunately, we can't afford running two cars, so if anyone can give "Henny" a good home, please get in touch!

Good points:
* Engine is "sweet as" -- starts without hitch every time, and passed every MOT emission test WELL under the limits (have MOTs to prove it).
* Oil and filter changes every 6 months, using Wynn's Engine Flush every time.
* Lots of recent work done: gearbox oil changed; valve clearances checked; new water pump, timing belt, and coolant; new sills both sides; all 4 inner wheel arches patched up; one CV joint stripped and rebuilt; one new tyre;
* All fuel lines replaced in the last 2 years, including to/from fuel tank

Bad points: * Interior needs a new set of seat covers from Argos
* Some surface rust on rear wheel arches, passenger-side front door pillar, and boot lid. These are not MOT failures, as she passed an AA MOT last year with them.
* Patches needed in two places underneath -- these will fail the MOT
* Brake fluid needs changing sometime this year. Brakes will probably need a checkup too, though it's all working fine at the moment.
* Some kids have cracked the passanger-side wingmirror -- not enough for an MOT fail, but it depends on who tests it.

So, if you're handy with a welder, want a great economical runabout with loads of room, can do a bit of DIY maintenance, and don't mind the "stigma" of running a Lada Please get in touch :)

Dima Nemchenko, London, UK