I drive a 1991 Lada Samara 1300ccm. I have it for two years, and I'm quite satisfied with it. Car doesn't show signs of destruction even after many miles driven in off-road conditions (yes, I considered purchasing of NIVA, but I didn't have enough cash at the moment).

I live in Serbia, where Lada's are the second most-driven cars in country (besides domestic Yugo's), so spare parts are easy to be found - both new and used. Also, here is good situation with carsmits, there are plenty of them and averagely they charge their services no more than about 2 EURO per working hour, so here very, very old cars are cheep to maintenance - sometimes it's cheaper to pay for repair, than to try something on your own.

I have one question at the moment: which motor oil do you suggest to be used in 1300ccm (after 70.000 kilometers = 43.505 miles)? I'm about to buy Lukoil 15W40, simply according to logical opinion - in Russian engines Russian oil is to be used.

Djordje Petrovic, Kragujevac, Serbia
(now residing in Miami, Florida, USA)