This beauty came into my posession in the october 2001. The first thing I was meaning to purchase was either Opel Kadett or VW Golf 2, but they were too expensive. So my best friend suggested me Lada Samara. I bought it on the used car market for 650 euros (at that time) and was quite happy with it for a month or so.

Unfortunately, I haven't got the pic of it when I bought it, but believe me - it wasn't in the best shape. I had all the bad luck with Samara for a whole year. Two months I bought it I had to redo all the engine. I changed valves, shaft, all the pumps, etc... Bad luck followed me throughout whole 2002, when I had loads of trouble with electrics, car's body, etc. It tend to broke every month once at least. Fortunately, I found a great mechanic, great electric and fantastic car parts support in local shops. Everything I need, I could get in a matter of minutes :)

In these two years, I invested loads of money, perhaps 2.5 times the price I payed for the car itself! :) It was all spent on engine repairs (main and few small ones, from time to time), electrics repairs (mainboard computer broke on fall 2002, and main fuse box was changed on december 2001, yet whole electric ignition system is restored) and of course, all the make up I could get my hands on. On the summer of 2004 I restored and repainted it totally.

The thing is... I really don't know why I love this car. It's just a thing. Even though it really pissed me off every month for two years from the day I bought it, it is now in great condition and it serves me well. Although it still comes up with a small breakdown each three months, it is something funny and could be fixed in a minute. It is tought, cheap and robust.

I love this car and I intend to drive it until it totally breaks down. Yeah, and did I mention that when I decide to buy - my next car will also be a Lada? :)

Goran Ratkovic, Pancevo, Serbia