I live in Carrot River Saskatchewan it is about 300k/m north east of Saskatoon there is only one repair shop in the area & they do not seem to want to even look at a Lada so I do the work my self I have both the manuals Haynes & the Vaz & find them very helpful.

The place that I was getting parts is in Edmonton Alberta about 800 k/m away it was a Lada dealership & the owner was a super guy that knew the Lada inside out if I called him he could solve my problem without a second thought , unfortunately he passed away in Feb. the person that is there now was a partner & says he doesn't know as much about them but tries to please.

I have 4 Ladas a 1984, 1987 Signet station wagon & 2 1994 Samara 1500 VAZ-2109 five door sedans.

When I first had transmission trouble I tried a few shops they wouldn't even look at it saying they needed special tools to work on it I did find a shop close to me that said he would look at it & after 8 weeks he hadn't touched it then said a friend of his had one with a blown motor that I would be able to get & it turned out to be the same as the one I had when I got it home found it to be in good condition with only 64000 k/m on it so rather than change the transmission found it had a blown head gasket after replacing that & a timing belt it started right away after sitting in a barn for over 4 years.

Jim Franklin, Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Canada