My Lada adventure started in 1999. I owned Pontiac Parisienne at the time and was looking for something smaller and more economical to drive and save on ever going up in price gasoline. Japanese cars were out of my price range (below $1000), so I started looking for Lada Samara, since that was the only kind of car you could buy in half decent shape in my price range. After trying out a few 3 to 5 year old Samaras with asking price $1200 to $1700 and unsuccessfully trying to bargain down to my price range, I finally bought one that was 4 years old (1995 model year) with 87000 km for $800. The only "little" defect of that car was broken 2nd gear. So I decided to drive the car as is, accelerating to about 30 km/hr in 1st and shifting into 3rd gear. After I discovered few more problems with that car, but nothing serious - I was happy for the price I paid. I drove that car until 2003 when part of my front suspension broke and I couldn't replace it myself (rusted bolts and nuts couldn't be removed after few attempts and broken wrenches...), so I gave up and scrapped the car - I just got fed up with the never ending repairs... The second Samara with 38000 km, I bought for parts, because the engine in that car was finished (I think the owner of that car was driving it without the oil or the engine coolant). Since I didn't have another parking space to keep that car - I removed all the parts I could keep in my garage and scrapped the car.

I don't know what happened to those Samaras after scrapping them and since that was more than three years ago - I think they were probably recycled. My wife also bought Lada Niva (1996 model year) brand new and we still own it, but don't drive it a lot because we have a newer better car (Hyundai), which is a lot more comfortable to drive.

Mike F, Ile Perrot, Quebec, Canada