Just wanted to let you all know I used the trusty 1300cc Samara on a TSD rally this weekend, had lots of problems climbing some of the hills in the Laurentians here but the car ran perfectly, well as good as a Lada can ever run. We finished in second place in club.

The only mods on the car are a set of Fiat X19 wheels and some new winter tires from Walmart, by the way these tires are simply fantastic, seriously I can't believe they worked as good as they did, better I think than the Yoko Gaurdex I have on my Subaru.

The Samara is fantastic on the dirt roads and frost heaves up north here, but it really needs more power. I know I installed slightly bigger tires but I can't get it to go faster than 110KPH, it's shod on 185/70/13's my best speed is in 4th gear, in 5th I lose too much speed on any slight incline.

I remember when I bought the car, it would basically go at least 130, compression is good, burns no oil, starts pretty good, I increased the timing slightly to get better response but still to no avail. The 1500 seems the only solution, of course the weather puts this on hold slightly for now.

So like I said, just wanted to let you know the Samara is still out there, surprising folks with its performance, I think 19 other guys will respect these little cars from now on.

Paulo Nunes, Pointe Calumet, Quebec, Canada