Hello SamaraLovers,

I want to introduce myself and of course my car.

My name is Ronald, I live in Graz which is a city with approximately 250.000 people in Austria/Europe. I fell in love with my Lada Samara 4 months ago as i saw it at a car dealer.

It is a red 2109 with 1100 cm3 and the electronic mixture-control unit (AXTec). It was born in 1996.

The main problem is that, there are only a few Ladas are running in Austria. So most mechanics are not familiar with this type of cars. But I have learned a lot about my Lada during the last months. Now I can solve most Problems by myself.

But next week I have to go to the doctor with my baby, it has a fuel- consumption higher then 10 l/100 kM. I am afraid the carburretor leaks. The ignition and the distributor seame to be ok.

Ronald Haas, Graz, Austria