I am a proud new owner of a '92 Samara 1300S. The car is in amazingly good shape overall, but it does need a few things. Notably, a new clutch, as the bearing is noisy.

I've replaced the stock carb in my Samara with a Weber 32 Datra 9 carburettor, and gained twice the horse power (seat of the pants feel). Not sure what it's going to do to my mileage figures yet, but the carb worked beautifully, and no rejetting was needed. It is almost a bolt on deal, has water choke just like original, and I was able to graft the plastic wheel from the original carb to the new throttle crank, so that the stock throttle linkage was utilized.

All in all, a much easier conversion than a Fiat engine transplant, with almost the same results. Whereas before the car would run out of breath at 120 KPH, now it happily cruises at 120, with plenty reserve for passing traffic at higher speeds. Torque steer in low gears is also a problem now :)

The carb is a stock unit from 1800cc Lancia Beta ('74-78), but there are more variants that will fit right on.

Val Danilov, Seattle, Washington, USA