This book isnít about me; itís about the liberty of your choice to let your life end as you wish. Through recent experiences, Iíve learned that emergency medical personnel arenít obligated to respect DNRsÖ and the mighty question of, ďWho owns my body?Ē, pounced with vigor into my mind before long.

The answer is, it seems, per the result of logic, reasoning, and deduction, that I =donít= own my body. Regardless that there wonít be a clear answer to the ďwho?Ē, the realization of the ďwhat, not me!Ē is pretty fucken heavy from my poiont of view.

DNRs seem to be another modern fairy tale. Another form of illusory device. Kind of like the civil laws governing texting-at-the-wheel, and respecting-pedestrian-crosswalks; have you ever tried to file a complaint against someone who almost ran you over while u-turning over a crosswalk while glancing at their cell phone? I have. I was expediently told that those laws can only be enforced if a police officer witnesses the transgressions - theyíre not criminal acts, so no private citizen can get any action started on the perpetrators.

So, why bother with the statutes?
Itís just lip service, really.
Just like do-not-resuscitate orders.
Just like Santa Claus.

Let me skip to the punch lineÖ Iím probably going to have a web of gold chains embedded under the skin of my chest to enforce my wishes of staying non-resusced; itís the only way I can think of to keep anyone from forcing a defibrillation on me while Iím unconscious or non-responsive.

This book will examine how I reached that decision, and look at the current state of affairs regarding the issue of ownership of oneís own body. Iím not writing it alone. The sections of the book dealing with [blah and blah and blah] have been handed to the best researchers and journalists, medical personnel, politicians and activists whoíd join me. Itís a collaborative effort. Everyone receives their fair share of the profits, and, my share is goes to groups and organizations who are proving their worth in holding up personal human rights around the world. You can check our website for details [].

Iím not moribund, nor am I suicidal. I donít have a family, and my dog, Scottie, has a great set of god-uncles and god-aunts to help him if he loses me. I donít want to live with a diminished quality of life if I suffer a stroke, or dementia, or coronary stuff. When itís over, itís over. I love life. I love my liberty - true liberty.