I'm not happy living in a place that goes against the wisdom of the rest of our continent and completely prohibits right-turn-on-red.

Every time I'm sitting idle at a red light in my completely sleepy residential area, I wonder how come everyone else in Quebec, Canada and North America can turn right if they look carefully and it's safe? I'm not dumber, or less capable than everyone else living in the western hemisphere. My neighborhood is much quieter than the core of Laval, ten minutes to the north of me, where people drive like bats out of hell and are judged competent enough to effect this oh-so-dangerous RTOR.

I can only think of doing three things:

1) start talking with the people in charge and get the law changed (which I expect would take the rest of my natural life)
2) find holes in the application of the law and start a civil-disobedience movement that will force a change in the law (and hopefully keep my licence while I engage in it)
3) move somewhere where adults are respected

I'm attaching printouts from a thread I've started at my favorite car forum. Basically, there are links to the Quebec Highway Safety Code and Articles 359, 359.1, 359.2 that enact the law regarding RTOR in Quebec.

I can't find the entries in the Gazette Officielle du Quebec for the municipalities on the island of Montreal... neither could the Assistant City Clerk of Dollard-des-Ormeaux. If the prosecutors can't find them either... this could help to beat the tickets in court.

I'm actively looking for opinions, insights and strategies so that I can find peace with this.

If you have anything to offer in the way of related anecdotes or information regarding why my governors are blocking my civil rights, I surely would appreciate hearing from you.